Nails Inc. The Wyndham Collection

The Wyndham collection is the third and last of the three Nails Inc. sets that I picked up from Sephora. This one is also known as Blair, for the Gossip Girl naming of these products for the UK market.

wyndham collection


Kensington is a deep blackened teal cream. This was two coats of careful application – I don’t know why I have to work so hard at the creams, but it’s this weird cross of too thick and yet too runny.

kensington wyndham

The Wyndham Overglaze top coat is filled with flakies that flash mostly green with some occasional blue. This reminds me of Nfu-Oh 40, though I haven’t done a direct comparison. This was one coat over Kensington.

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  1. Cali Says:

    These are all fab, but having all of the creme polishes already, I’m reluctant to buy the sets. Here’s hoping they offer the topcoats separately at some point.

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