Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament

The magnetic polishes from Nails Inc. probably won’t get great coverage with just one coat, so I’ve worn black under both colors. I had just picked up a different Wet ‘n Wild black (other than the standard black cream), so I tried it out.

Ebony Hates Chris

Ebony Hates Chris is a standard black cream. It’s normally twice the price of the regular one, at a whopping $2, but I picked it up on a 50% off sale. :) I kind of hoped that the brush would be better than the standard, but not really. It was still a one-coater, but felt a little thicker and prone to brush drag marks if you weren’t careful. None of this a deal killer at the price, mind you – it’s a great one-coat black polish. This pic did inspire me to finally order the E.L.F. concealer brush to work on my cleanup, though! Macro shots are really darn unforgiving.

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament is a purple magnetic polish. I used one coat over one coat of black, applying one nail at a time (paint, magnet, move to next). I really do love the effect and the finish of these polishes – I’m definitely snapping up the teal one when it becomes available!

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  1. Miyon Says:

    I have to say that the Boots 17 magnetic polish in lilac looks awfully similar – and it works with just one coat! :) Although the staying power isn’t so great. Already have chipping after a day and a half.

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